The best streaming devices place all of your favorite streaming services, plus other apps and access to on-demand movies and TV shows in a convenient stick or box. And while you may have bought one a while ago, serious updates from all companies give good reason to upgrade. You may be unwittingly living a lackluster streaming life with shows in the incorrect (i.e. lower) resolution, or waiting forever for your outdated box to load Hulu.

While we love the Streaming devices (it’s the best one overall). We recommend the regular streaming devices for those on a budget, as it matches a streamlined feature set with a low price tag for one of the best streaming devices — though the new streaming device is a more complete option.

How we picked the best streaming device

There aren’t too many streaming devices available in USA, with the three options above being the only noteworthy devices that you can officially buy, in the country. Between these options, streaming services are available through official apps or compatibility.

We’ve also extensively used these products ourselves, and have crafted our recommendations based on our experiences with the products and what we believe are the best in terms of value-for-money and functionality.

How we test streaming devices

Testing streaming players is usually a simple process that prioritizes content over performance. Any streaming player worth its salt can play video well, but only a good one possesses straightforward navigation, robust search features and a wide variety of content to suit all tastes.

The first thing we evaluate is the setup, to see how quick and simple it is. From there, we take the user interface for a spin to see what content gets highlighted, what gets hidden, and how easy it is to navigate to our favorite channels. We’ll also watch a few different shows on a variety of channels to gauge the quality of the video and audio.

After that, it’s onto the extra features, like gaming, voice search and screen mirroring. These factors don’t weigh quite as heavily toward the final score, but they’re nice to have if they work well, and extremely distracting if they don’t.

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